Financial Controller

Our Financial Controller services cover a full range of accounting, financial and reporting functions


We providing a complete and comprehensive and confidential payroll service

Accounts Preparation and Filing Tax Returns

Our unique philosophy is to use the knowledge we build up through preparing your accounts to help add value back to your business

Don’t have a Financial Controller yet?

Our financial Controller Services cover a full range of accounting, financial and reporting functions that include, but not limited to: preparation and monitoring of budgets; cash flow management; developing accounting policies in compliance with Canadian Accounting Standards (CPA Handbook); evaluate, develop and implement internal controls; prepare reports and analysis for business owners and managers; business coaching; bookkeeping training; implementation and training on using Xero cloud based accounting software.

Do you feel your needs are especially unique?

If you have special requirements for your accounting assignments, a complex payroll to deal with or need advice regarding an unique situation, we can help.

Behind on your paperwork or your taxes?
Don’t worry. Most of our clients come to us with at least a few months, and sometimes several years, of “catch-up” work to be done. We understand that getting caught up can be a burden, so don’t put it off. Just take everything you have, put it in a box, and bring it in. We’ll sort things out.  You’ll be up to date in no time.

We will work with you to find the best solution for your unique situation

Monthly Subscription Packages


You’re are just getting started, doing work for one, two, or three clients in a year. Your situation is unique, and so is your paperwork.


You don’t yet have any employees or subcontractors, and you have fewer than 10 invoices or sales transactions per month.


You have a solid customer base and have 1-3  subcontractors or people on the payroll, and have more than 10 sales transactions per month.


Incorporated and you have 1-3 workers; you have a solid customer base and more than 10 sales transactions per month.


You have a group of employees, many happy customers, lots of transactions, and even some fairly complex ones.


You have very special needs which require

We Book Online!

We have a new online self-serve appointment booking system.  It is up to date and ready for your appointment!

Still Not Sure?

Please feel free to contact us using our contact form and we will answer any questions you may have.

Predictable Budget With Monthly Subscription Service

We don’t want our clients to worry about asking questions for running costly over time.  Our time is inclusive and our capacity is built in to ensure our clients get the support they need in one predictable fee.    It’s inexpensive and most importantly budget-able.


On-time, effective and personalized services and to work alongside you to help you succeed.


Fraser Valley?

We're right here with you! We understand the environment and it can benefit your accounts!


Canadian Tax Confusing?

We have you covered! This is integral to our business and knowing Taxation laws will help us serve you better for the best return


Tired of Finance?

We love it! Give us what you don't like and do what makes your accounts grow! Let us put the numbers together for you.


Reliable approachable and proactive accounting professionals who will do more than just respond to businesses accounting needs, but work alongside your business to help it succeed.


A strong foundation in accounting, leadership, project management and time management skills, acquired through years of training and experience…


I am business accountant and a Certified Payroll Manager with experience in accounting for small businesses, construction, trucking companies…


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